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October 17, 1997 Sirocco 97 Wave Event , Taranaki New Zealand 6-8 November
October 07, 1997 THE SYLT 1997 PWA GRAND SLAM - Final Results
October 03, 1997 the ULTIMATE JUMP
September 22, 1997 Mad Loop Windsurfing page is up ...
September 22, 1997 Wellington Windsurfing Assn newsletter - September news out now
September 15, 1997 NZ Speedsailing Nationals
September 13, 1997 August / September NZ Windsurfing Assn Newsletter online
September 04, 1997 I've got a day job - NZGO, check it out
August 27, 1997 THE RHODES 1997 PWA WORLD CUP
August 20, 1997 THE PAROS PWA 1997 GRAND PRIX - 12-18th August 1997

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October 17, 1997
Sirocco 97 Wave Event , Taranaki New Zealand 6-8 November
SIROCCO 97 is a windsurfing contest aimed at intermediate level and above windsurfers.
The main aim is for maximum participation and minimum hassels, you can wavesail as much or as little as you want (no heats).
We hope to promote Wavesailing and Taranaki as an Internationally recognised wave Mecca
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October 09, 1997
With one event left in the PWA World Tour calendar, Bjorn Dunkerbeck E-11 the nine times World Champion has achieved a historic victory, 10 consecutive Overall World Championship wins!

Bjorn Dunkerbeck's track record in the sport is truly phenomenal, he won his first Overall World Championship in only his second year on the world tour. He went on from this to equal Robby Naish's record of 5 consecutive World championship wins. Following

When Bjorn became Overall World Champion in 1996 he said his only goal was to achieve a 10th World title and he has achieved this with one event left in hand. Bjorn will also be Race Discipline World Champion for 1997 although for the second year running

and next for Bjorn ?
Dunkerbeck has renewed his contracts with both his board and sail sponsors F2 and Neil Pryde and he is looking forward to Overall World title number 11. Retirement is certainly not an option yet !

Ashley Smith, director of television's World Windsurfing show spoke with Bjorn shortly after the historic news was announced:

A.S. So how does it feel to achieve an incredible 10th Overall PWA World Championship Title ?
B.D. Well, it has definitely been my goal all year long to achieve a 10th overall title. I didn't really expect it to happen as quickly as it did, with one event left to go I'm already World Champion. I will certainly be relaxed in the last Brazilian race

A.S. Was there one particular turning point this year when you knew that you would achieve your goal ?
B.D. I had no problems anywhere, after the first race in Almanarre, everyone was talking a lot about my 4th position, it was very light winds and I don't particularly like light winds in the first place. I tend also not to do so well in un-important races

A.S. How was your performance in the waves ?
B.D. Fiji was pretty light, 6.2 weather, which I'm not really the strongest in. In Gran Canaria I lost closely to Vidar (Jensen), because of his double forward loop which kind of 'kicked off' in the jumping category. In Sylt, I had a pretty good performan

A.S. So how do you feel that you cannot win the Wave World Title this year ?
B.D. I would like to win both, but you can't win it all, you've got to play it a little safer, I wasn't going to go for doubles in the Canaries, I just wanted to get through the season without hurting myself. It was much more important to me than winning
A.S. As winning a 10th Overall Title has been such a significant year for you are you going for an 11th next year ?
B.D. Well, I'm definitely not planning on stopping for sure, I am going to re-new my contracts with both F2 and Neil Pryde for the next 3 years and so I'll be around for the next 3 years. After that, who knows what will happen, while I'm on the tour I wil

A.S. Of all of your 10 wins, which has been the most satisfying ?
B.D. I guess the first was a really interesting one and the 5th one, by equalling Robby Naish's record was important too. 3 years ago, I won all three disciplines, the Overall and also Speed and I was World Champion so I had 5 World Championship titles in
A.S. What ambitions do you have left now ?
B.D. I proved everything I had to prove to myself and to the windsurfing world. I love windsurfing, I live it, it's my life and everything that comes with it, surfing, mountain biking, friends and family. As long as I enjoy competing against the best in t


unless credited as

For more information contact SSM Freesportsel: +44 (0) 171 376 7446
fax: +44 (0) 171 376 7786

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October 07, 1997
THE SYLT 1997 PWA GRAND SLAM - Final Results
5th October 1997

Day 8, the final day of the Sylt 1997 PWA Grand Slam. The wind failed to
blow and so the contest ended a complete success with valid results in
both disciplines.

In racing, Bjorn Dunkerbeck won three of four course races, giving him the
perfect score of 2.1 pts from 3 counting races. Anders Bringdal was forced
to finish second with a 1st, a 2nd and two 3rd positions. US-93 Matt
Pritchard finished third in the racing just one point ahead of his mentor
and training partner KA-7 Phil McGain. The ever consistent S-39 Christoffer
Rappe finished 5th in race, counting three 5th positions !

F-35 Robert Teriitehau had a great competition, he has a new 'flapper'
course board absolutely 'dialled in' for upwind racing and a 7th postiion
in race makes him the highest placed French sailor overall. US-34 Micah
Buzianis finished a disappointing 8th position, a result that will drop him
from 2nd in the 1997 race ranking to 3rd, just 3 points clear of US-93 Matt
Pritchard (2 points out of 6152 !!).

G-54 Andrea Hoeppner finished the unanimous victor in the women's racing
with 4 wins from 4 races, several these victories were by over 1 minute.


1 DUNKERBECK, Bjoern E-11
2 BRINGDAL, Anders S-10
4 MCGAIN, Phil KA-7
5 RAPPE, Christoffer S-39
6 PRITCHARD, Kevin US-933
7 TERIITEHAU, Robert F-35
8 BUZIANIS, Micah US-34
9 BELLINI, Eduardo E-9
10 FLESSNER, Bernd G-16


1 HOEPPNER, Andrea G-54
2 LELIEVRE, Nathalie F-12
3 MUELLER, Jutta G-680
4 ERNST, Lucienne H-444
5 GUBELMANN, Sandra Z-3


1 POLAKOW, Jason KA-1111
2 STONE, Josh USA-6
3 NAISH, Robby US-1111
4 DUNKERBECK, Bjoern E-11
5 BRINGDAL, Anders S-10
5 BAKER, Nicholas K-66
5 FLESSNER, Bernd G-16
5 FENTON, Scott KZ-1


1 JAGGI, Karin Z-14
2 RONDELEZ, Sigrid B-90
3 RUANO MORENO, Daida E-64
4 LELIEVRE, Nathalie F-12
5 MUELLER, Jutta G-680
5 HOEPPNER, Andrea G-54
5 GUBELMANN, Sandra Z-3
5 SEMAN, Jane KA-191


Overall Men
1 E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck
2 S-10 Anders Bringdal
3 US-93 Matt Pritchard

Overall Women
1 G-54 Andrea Hoeppner
2 F-12 Nathalie LeLievre
3 G-680 Jutta Mueller

As the Sylt 997 Grand Slam carries maximum World Tour Points, the rankings
have been shaken up significantly.

E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck is now unbeatable in the racing discipline having won
every maximum points event of the year, even if he has a disaster in Brazil
in November he will be able to discard one event. S-10 Anders Bringdal has
jumped back up from 4th to 3rd pushing Micah Buzianis and Matt Pritchard
down to 3rd and 4th respectively.

Overall 1997 PWA Rankings after the Sylt 1997 PWA Grand Slam

Race Men
1 E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck
2 S-10 Anders Bringdal
3 US-34 Micah Buzianis
4 US-93 Matt Pritchard
5 KA-7 Phil McGain
6 S-39 Christoffer Rappe
7 US-933 Kevin Pritchard
8 KZ-1 Scott Fenton
9 KA-0 Steve Allen
10 F-192 Antoine Albeau

In the women's race overall, F-12 Nathalie LeLievre stays on top ahead of
G-680 Jutta Mueller and G-54 Andrea Hoeppner has moved ahead of Z-14 Karin
Jaggi into 3rd position after her decisive event victory in Sylt.

Race Women
1 F-12 Nathalie LeLievre
2 G-680 Jutta Mueller
3 G-54 Andrea Hoeppner
4 Z-14 Karin Jaggi
5 Z-3 Sandra Gubelmann
6 H-444 Lucienne Ernst
7 B-90 Sigrid Rondelez
8 F-44 Valerie Ghibaudo
9 GR-1 Antonia Frey
10 E-64 Daida Ruano Moreno

KA-1111 Jason Polakow has moved ahead of US-1111 Robby Naish into 1st
position in the 1997 PWA Wave Rankings after his victory in Sylt. The
points situation for the top four sailors is now very close and the Wave
title will be settled at the final Grand Slam of the year in Brazil.

Wave Men
1 KA-1111 Jason Polakow
2 US-1111 Robby Naish
3 E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck
4 USA-6 Josh Stone
5 K-66 Nik Baker
6= S-10 Anders Bringdal
6= KZ-1 Scott Fenton
8 US-933 Kevin Pritchard
9 US-93 Matt Pritchard
10 N-44 Vidar Jensen

G-680 Jutta Mueller stays on top in the women's wave rankings although F-12
Nathalie LeLievre will jump several places in the rankings as the first
event can be discarded in Brazil. E-64 Daida Ruano Moreno will also be
gunning for her first event win having defeated both current Wave World
Champions Jutta Mueller and Nathalie LeLievre here in Germany.

Wave Women
1 G-680 Jutta Mueller
2 Z-14 Karin Jaggi
3 KA-191 Jane Seman
4 B-90 Sigrid Rondelez
5 Z-3 Sandra Gubelmann
6 H-444 Lucienne Ernst
7 F-12 Nathalie LeLievre
8 E-64 Daida Ruano Moreno
9 US-6 Kelly Moore
10 G-54 Andrea Hoeppner

E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck is still heading up the Overall 1997 PWA World
rankings ahead of S-10 Anders Bringdal and US-93 Matt Pritchard. A 5th
place in Wave in Germany has pushed KZ-1 Scott Fenton up from 7th Overall
back to 4th position, splitting the Pritchard brothers in the rankings.

Overall Men
1 E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck
2 S-10 Anders Bringdal
3 US-93 Matt Pritchard
4 KZ-1 Scott Fenton
5 US-933 Kevin Pritchard
6 K-66 Nik Baker
7 US-34 Micah Buzianis
8 KA-0 Steve Allen
9 F-35 Robert Teriitehau
10 G-16 Bernd Flessner

G-680 Jutta Mueller is still on top of the women's 1997 Overall World
Championship ahead of Z-14 Karin Jaggi, the Sylt wave winner. F-12 Nathalie
LeLievre is currently lying in 3rd position but could jump ahead of Jaggi
and possibly Mueller if she has a good event in Brazil.

Overall Women
1 G-680 Jutta Mueller
2 Z-14 Karin Jaggi
3 F-12 Nathalie LeLievre
4 Z-3 Sandra Gubelmann
5 G-54 Andrea Hoeppner
6 B-90 Sigrid Rondelez
7 H-444 Lucienne Ernst
8 E-64 Daida Ruano Moreno
9 F-44 Valerie Ghibaudo
10 E-63 Iballa Ruano Moreno

source: SSM Freesports / Dan Atkins

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October 03, 1997
I've been meaning to add this for ages, it's a couple of years old but that doesn't change the fact that it's still the ultimate jump!
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September 22, 1997
Mad Loop Windsurfing page is up ...
Contact details, hire equipment etc.
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September 22, 1997
Wellington Windsurfing Assn newsletter - September news out now
Check out the proposed Balaena Bay launch site plans and more ...
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September 15, 1997
The New Zealand Water Safety Council (NZWSC) today released the August drowning statistics. Six people drowned in August three while
boating, one while floundering and two non-recreational incidents. This month’s drowning toll is the lowest August toll since 1991.
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September 15, 1997
NZ Speedsailing Nationals
1997 New Zealand Speed Sailing Nationals, Mangawhai Heads, 4-12 October
Open and Production, slalom if conditions not right, party ....
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September 13, 1997
August / September NZ Windsurfing Assn Newsletter online
August / September NZ Windsurfing Assn Newsletter has just gone out in the post, and there's some significant news about membership benefits for the coming season
Also included, Provisional race / event calendar, local club news, international news ..
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September 09, 1997
Day 5 - September 7th.

On the fifth and final day of the Brighton world cup Nik Baker stands in a
virtually un-beatable position after seven races. The Shoreham local sailor
has dominated virtually every race this week on his home waters and there
has been little any of the worlds top ranked sailors who are in attendance
could do to stop him. Nik has been using the new Gaastra total flow F1 in
all of the races which has a revolutionary new head system. Significantly
Finian Maynard from the British Virgin Islands, also using the same sail,
lies in second place overall.

Sponsors could not have hoped for better conditions so far and seven
exciting course races have already been completed. The only thing that has
put a cloud over this event has been the tragic death of Princess Diana
which has dominated all news and caused the cancellation of sporting events
worldwide. The City of Brighton has been paying its respects to the much
loved princess and a huge area of flowers brought by the public has built
up in an official area in front of the Brighton Palace. Hundreds of people
have been gathering to pay their respects and light candles in the evenings
as a tribute to Diana's memory.

This mornings weather looked ominously still and despite sailors and race
crew hanging on until late in the afternoon the wind never co-operated,
which meant that yesterdays unfinished race does not count towards the
final result.

That was not to say there was nothing happening on the beach. Literally
thousands of people came down to the contest site along Brighton's busy
promenade to check out the many activities. Added to the other attractions
today was a huge bungy jump and crowds were thrilled when a Holsten stunt
man made the jump attached to a complete windsurfing rig.

Several of the sailors took it upon themselves to find entertainment on
some of the attractions on Brighton pier. Peter Volwater, Finian Maynard
and Scott McKercher were left dizzy after testing out the roller coaster, a
giant spinning wheel and several other hair raising rides.

Nik and Ant Baker have been enjoying the luxury of driving to the beach
every day on their motorbikes. The two brothers are notorious for their
love of big bikes and fast cars and each morning the sleepy atmosphere at
the beach would be interrupted as the Bakers roared in on their bikes.

With seven races completed the event can only be considered as an
outstanding success. The British crowds were rewarded by getting to see Nik
and Ant Baker, Jamie Hawkins, Julian Anderson and Mike Birt all finish in
the top ten. All of these sailors live close to the contest site. Top
foreign competitor was Finian Maynard in second, followed by Patrice
Belbeoc'h in third. Other notable performances came from Danish sailor
Brian Roegild who finished in sixth position and Peter Volwater in eighth.

Nik Baker will be more than happy with a victory at his local venue, not to
mention a handy $4200 prize money. Furthermore he has moved up into 10th
position overall in racing from 13th and now stands in sixth position in
the overall world rankings.

Nik Baker
"...I'm absolutely ecstatic. I mean.... first place in front of my home
crowd. I had five wins out of seven races. I could not wish for anything
more than that. I have won here before but, and come close a few times due
to silly mistakes. This time I made no mistakes and felt I sailed pretty
well. I am really stoked! We had seven very good course races, it was very
choppy and we had quite a big swell. The conditions were very hard and

source: SSM Freesports/John Carter


pos sailor sail
1 BAKER, Nicholas K-66
2 MAYNARD, Finian KV-11
3 BELBEOC'H, Patrice F-81
4 BAKER, Antony K-77
5 HAWKINS, Jamie K-96

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September 04, 1997
I've got a day job - NZGO, check it out
I'm now the site manager for New Zealand Government Online, the starting point for finding information on the government web site network. If you're coming on a working holiday or just to visit and want to know about visa's, immigration, whatever, then this is the place to start! Drop me a line.
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August 27, 1997

Day 4, the final day of the Rhodes 1997 PWA World Cup and the wind kicked in
early to between 12-15 knots. However, as the race crew went onto the water to
set a slalom course continuing the incomplete race 9#, the wind dropped off a
couple of knots. The forecast from the local Rhodes airport just 5km up the
coast stated that the wind would not build over the downwind wind limit for some
time and so Race director Didier Lafitte chose to complete race 9# in 16 man,
upwind racing format.

The early rounds of race 9# on day 3 had proven troublesome to complete. Several
sailors had competed in the wrong heat and the slightly inconsistent wind
conditions had forced several heats to be re-run. The first heat of the day on
day 4# was the fourth re-run of heat 1!

The results of heat 1 did not differ significantly from the previous three
aborted attempts, in fact US-933 Kevin Pritchard crossed the line ahead of K-66
Nik Baker all four times. KA-0 Steve Allen comfortably won the first semi-final
with a 50 metre lead over S-39 Christoffer Rappe and KV-11 Finian Maynard.

Principal Race Officer Frank Rouget chose to leave the start-line at a similar
length to the 32 man heats used in earlier rounds and the long, un-biased start
line made the start-line fascinating to watch with 8 sailors heading off on
either tack. In the second semi it was K-66 Nik Baker who started well and read
the shifts to take the first qualifying spot ahead of S-10 Anders Bringdal and
US-933 Kevin Pritchard. KC-1 Sam Ireland, E-9 Eduardo Bellini and K-77 Anthony
Baker all qualified for the final.

It was KA-0 Steve Allen who took the victory in Race 9# ahead of S-10 Anders
Bringdal and US-93 Matt Pritchard. KC-1 Sam Ireland finished in 4th position,
his highest finish of the contest. The final results after race 9# left S-10
Anders Bringdal as the convincing winner of the 1997 Rhodes PWA World Cup with
five wins, three second positions and one fifth position. S-39 Christoffer Rappe
and KA-0 Steve Allen finished in second and third position, separated by just 2

The World Cup win for Anders Bringdal will have very little effect on the top 20
of the 1997 PWA Race Rankings but will help Anders psychologically after his
recent drop from 2nd to 4th in the Race Ranking after Paros. US-93 Matt
Pritchard who moved to 3rd position behind E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck and US-34 Micah
Buzianis after Paros finished in 4th position here in Rhodes, just 1 point clear
of K-66 Nik Baker.

The next stop on the PWA World Tour is the 1997 PWA British World Cup in
Brighton between 2-7th Sepetember.

source: SSM Freesports / Dan Atkins


1 BRINGDAL, Anders
2 RAPPE, Christoffer North Sails, HiFly, Tekknosport 0.7 12.0
3 ALLEN, Steve
5 BAKER, Nicholas
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August 20, 1997
THE PAROS PWA 1997 GRAND PRIX - 12-18th August 1997
12-18th August 1997

Event report: Day 5 - 18th August

Just when you thought it was all over following a day and a
half with light winds and no racing, the Greek Meltime wind
returned with a vengeance and answered the prayers of many of
the racers.

Matt Pritchard started the day with victory in his sights but
had the un-enviable task of holding back the challenge from
Bjorn Dunkerbeck who has proven in the past that he sails his
best when the going gets tough and the pressure is on.

Three dramatic course races were held in winds ranging from 9
to 21 knots; one with two half fleet starts and a final, and
then two races with full fleet starts. The outcome of
completing the three extra races on the last day put a whole
new complexion on the overall results, bearing in mind
sailors could now count two discards out of the seven races.

In the first race Bjorn Dunkerbeck thundered through the
start line and was first to the upwind mark ahead of Micah
Buzianis, Phil McGain and Matt Pritchard. Dunkerbeck took the
race and by now the pressure was really on Pritchard.

In the second race Sam Ireland had a blazing start and led
for half the race until being out-manoeuvred by a pack headed
by Christoffer Rappe who took the race ahead of Phil McGain,
Eduardo Bellini and Matt Pritchard. Dunkerbeck had a disaster
finishing in 11th position. Meanwhile, Britain's Nik Baker
was working his way back into the top places with a 9th and
8th position in the two races.

It was still mathematically possible for Dunkerbeck to catch
Pritchard and it all boiled down to the very last race.
Tension levels on the beach were running high as all the
sailors were trying to calculate where they had to finish to
improve their overall results.

The experience in handling the sheer pressure by the world
champion was eventually enough to get the better of Matt
Pritchard. Dunkerbeck finished the race in 2nd position
behind Steve Allen while Pritchard only managed to finish a
disastrous 22nd. The eventual outcome of the race meant that
Dunkerbeck had secured overall victory by 0.7 of a point.
Micah Buzianis sailed a consistent contest to finish a
brilliant third overall followed by Phil McGain who had a
superb last day in to secure fourth with Matt's younger
brother Kevin in 5th.

The agony and the ecstasy of racing was outlined today with
several dramatic changes to overall results. On the ecstasy
side, was the comeback of Nik Baker who had been lying
hopelessly in 20th position yesterday but climbed right up to
6th position today, a position previously occupied by fellow
Brit Jamie Hawkins. Unfortunately Jamie was a member of the
agony club, dropping right back to 16th position with a
disappointing 21st, 61st and a 30th. Steve Allen confirmed
his ability to win races by clocking up his second Grand Prix
victory of the week and finished the event in 11th overall.

Today Dunkerbeck was forced to turn on the turbo charger and
came very close to being de-throned by Pritchard. Pritchard
had come so close he could taste victory and was deprived by
the tiniest of margins. Dunkerbeck walks away from the
contest with a very tidy sum of $9,800 to go in the bank and
it looks like he will have to purchase some more silver
polish to maintain his ever increasing trophy collection!

All in all, Paros was a superb competition with a mixture of
thrilling, action packed slalom and dramatic tension in the
last three course races. Sponsors and sailors could not have
hoped for better racing conditions and with the exciting
climax on the last day it was a thrilling finish to the week.

As usual the closing party at the Philoxenia Hotel was a wet
and wild affair with several of the sailors getting a
traditional dunking in the pool!

Bjorn Dunkerbeck:
"It was definitely close, especially since I made a couple of
mistakes in the earlier races. I fell off in one of the semi
finals and then with Micah and that gate thing! It put the
pressure on the situation. We were lucky enough to get wind
today so we got two discards. It was tricky racing but the
wind was pretty strong and at least I had some power in my
8.3 for a change. Basically I had to beat Matt in the second
race today but I had a really bad downwind and dropped about
ten spots. In the last race I went out there and said I am
going to win it and see what happens. I almost won but Steve
Allen took me with about seven metres to go. I was second and
Matt had a bad race. I am pleased and surprised, Matt sailed
consistently and if he had won I would of have been pleased
for him and not had any problems with that. He has been doing
very well many times lately but then again I prefer beating

Final results after 2 discards (top 40 only)*
1 E11 Dunkerbeck, Bjorn
2 US 93 Pritchard, Matt
3 US 34 Buzianis, Micah
4 KA 7 McGain, Phil
5 US 933 Pritchard, Kevin
6 K 66 Baker, Nik
7 S 10 Bringdal, Anders
8 KV 11 Maynard, Finian
9 S 39 Rappe, Christoffer
10 F 35 Teriitehau, Robert
11 KA 0 Allen, Steve
12 G 16 Flessner, Bernd
13 F 81 Belbeoc'h, Patrice
14 F 192 Albeau, Antoine
15 E9 Bellini, Eduardo
16 K 96 Hawkins, Jamie
17 KA 6 Pedersen, Mark
18 VI 11 Diaz, Jimmy
19 KZ 1 Fenton, Scott
20 H 24 Volwater, Peter
21 G 307 Seeger, Robby
22 F 808 Thieme, Erik
23 KC 1 Ireland, Sam
24 F 33 Huart, Xavier
25 G 93 Laufer, Andy
26 K 77 Baker, Ant
27 G 55 Bachschuster, Ralf
28 S 24 Olausson, Niklas
29 KA 181 McKercher, Scott
30 B 3 Creten, Johan
31 I 31 Iannetti, Paolo
32 L 24 Rauhansuu, Janne
33 KA 82 Radis, Robbie
34 I 286 Rosati, Andrea
35 K 54 Birt, Mike
36 L 1 Merve, Mikko
37 I 456 Cucchi, Andrea
38 E 501 Parres, Daniel
39 BRA 999 Schurmann, Wilhelm
40 GR 7 Fantis, Jean Marc

*SSM Freesports apologise for the omission of the full event
results with this press release. This is owing to computer
breakdown on site. Full results will be sent out with the
first day's press release from the PWA Rhodes World Cup 1997.

Copyright SSM FREESPORTS unless credited as source:
John Carter/SSM Freesports on behalf of the Professional
Windsurfers Association.

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