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Auckland's Manukau Harbour

Aucklands International Airport is right on the Manukau which is a large, very tidal harbour with lots of mud/sand banks, and is good for cruising around. Close by is Aucklands biggest amusement park; Rainbows End. The rugged West coast is worth driving to. Black sand beaches, rough water, good for surfing at Piha, but no good for windsurfing.

Dial-a-foreast: 0900 999 90 / 0900 499 22
Info Centre: George Bolt Drive, Manukau/ Scenic Drive, Titirangi.
Local Shops:

  • Sailboard Developments.1/39 View Rd, Takapuna. Ph 443 1500
  • Wind'n'Surf. 22 Mc Coll St, Newmarket. Ph 520 4585.


Chop jumpingSlalomRace boardLearnerRiggingCamping
Take the Takanini turn off the Southern Motorway, right at the lights to Conifer Grove. Camp grounds are close. Good parking, rigging areas, toilet facilities and a concrete ramp. Tidal.
Suits: Slalom, longboard. Beginners....
Wind: N,NW,W,SW,S. Predominant wind is SW = onshore.
Water: Flat - chop. Sailable 2hrs either side of high tide.
Watch: Oysters in places away from the main sailing area.
In Detail: Paurehure Inlet. On the upper reaches of the Manukau Harbour, gets good wind from anywhere from N to W to S. Good flat water blasting, Good rigging and water access but limited to 2 hours either side of high tide. Take the Takanini exit off the Southern Motorway, right at the first lights into Conifer Grove, go to the Conifer Grove Reserve just past the shops.


SlalomRace boardLearnerSpeedRigging
From the Rugby Club and Gibbons Beach, rig and walk 50m down track to the beach. Sail out to the right towards the Airport where you'll find a sandy shoal under waist deep water. Sailable 2hrs either side of high tide.
Suits: Slalom, speed, longboard. Beginners....
Wind: Best in SW which is strong. Consistantly 5 knots stronger here
Water: Flat. High tide/outgoing tide creates good chop.
Watch: Oysters.


Chop jumpingSlalomRace boardLearnerRiggingCamping
20 minutes drive from Papakura towards Waiuku. Sand/shell beach with toilets, good parking/rigging area and camp grounds. Sail to the deep water channel which runs parallel with the south head of the Manukau Harbour.
Suits: Slalom, Longboard. Intermediate......
Wind: N,NE,E. Summer thermals cause SW.
Water: Flat - medium chop.
Watch: Strong outgoing tide.

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