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Both these beaches are popular holiday spots with plenty of accommodation, sandy ocean beaches and sheltered harbours. Crowds can get big during the summer, and there is a great carnival atmosphere. In the past, Waihi was a busy mining town leaving some interesting ruins,but now, conservationists are trying to stop any further mining.

Dial-a-forecast: 0900 999 70 / 0900 499 04
Info Centre: 405 Queen St, Thames. Ph 07 868 7284.
Local Shop: Windsurfing Whangamata. 220 Mary Rd. Ph 07 865 8186.


Chop jumpingSlalomRace boardLearnerRiggingHIRE
Take the road to the wharf. There's grass rigging, parking areas and a sandy beach. Best 3 hours either side of high tide.
Suits: Slalom, longboard. Beginners......
Wind: Most directions Ok except for SE (offshore). N,NW most consistant.
Water: Flat. Chop in N wind.
Watch: River traffic - avoid the channel and the water ski lane. Some sharp shells in two areas.
Hire School: Available from Windsurfing Whangamata.


Wave sailingChop jumpingRigging
Anywhere along the beach there's good grass rigging and parking areas and toilets.
Suits: Wavesailing. Intermediate....
Wind: NE best. Reaches up to 25 knots in storms, N = cross shore. seabreeze = 12 - 20 knots.
Water: Smaller waves at the estuary end.
Watch: Lots of surfers and swimmers.


Chop jumpingSlalomRace boardLearnerRigging
Access: 20 minutes drive out of town. Grass rigging and parking areas. Best 3 hours either side of high tide.
Suits: Slalom, longboard. Beginners....
Wind: SW is best and strongest; 15 - 30 knots.
Water: Medium chop. Shallow and tidal on the ocean beach in cyclone.
Watch: Some sharp shells.

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