Information on sailing sites around N.Z.
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New Zealand is a beautiful, clean and spacious country - two main islands set in the Pacific Ocean provide miles of coastline, harbours and lakes for all types and levels of windsurfing.

Down in Taranaki, there are wavesailing conditions equal to those in Hawaii, and for those of you who prefer the fresh water of lakes, there is Taupo, approximately 30 sq km and the largest in the country or any of the alpine lakes in the South Island. Go exploring on your longboard around the Bay of Islands, or up the rivers and harbours in Auckland. And if there is no wind, there are plenty of other activities for the adventurous - mountains to climb, bush to explore, surfing and mountainbiking (if you don't want to spend any money) or for the more extravagant there's jetboating, rafting, helicopter or horse rides in many of the more popular tourist spots. For a real thrill, go bungy jumping, or if the season is right, head up the mountains to the snow.

This guide started life several years ago as a text file which was circulated over the Internet. With the rise in poularity of the WWW it was converted to web format, and then combined with a guide produced by the NZ Windsurfing Association. The two guides have now been merged and developed to the form you see today. You may browse by location using the index or maps provided, or travel from North to South using the Forward and Back buttons provided on each page. Enjoy! Please send me feedback, corrections, new information, problems and praise all welcome!

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