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*Golden Bay

Take highway 60 from Nelson, past Motueka and over the Takaka Hill to Golden Bay, a "steep little climb" (understatement), checking out the Ngarua caves on the way, go through the town itself and out to the coast. While its possible to go for the day its best to make a weekend or more, with camps at Pakawau, Tukurua and Pohara. Collingwood has a camp but no nearby sailing. Pohara and Pattons Rock also have motels across from the sailing. Pakawau is the most central and least popular for no sailors because of the wind! Other activities include tramping aplenty; the Abel Tasman National Park and the Heaphy Track are nearby, small surf, Pupu Springs (see and swim to believe), and a few small eateries and a theatre (Takaka). This area is also heavily populated by alternative lifestylers and artists so its very colourful.

Dial-a-forecast: 0900 999 01 / 0900 499 08
Info Centre: Nelson. Ph 03 573 6855.
Local Shop: ? 

1 Para Para, Tukurua, Patons Rock, Rangitahea, Pohara and Tata

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All these locations have good access, are examples of why Golden Bay has its name and get lots of wind from westerlies to north easterlies. When its really blowing at high tide and dumpy try Rangitahea, offshore sand shoals make it work. This beach and Patons Rock get the best blows. Pohara and Tata are the last to get the wind but at low tide with the wind filling in have the best chop. Pohara has a wind hole at the eastern end, best spot is 500 m west of the camp ground. Tata is the only place with a predominantly starboard jump, while Pohara and Tata are best for long boards, and adventures into the Abel Tasman Park are possible with plenty of beaches and bays.



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Access: From Collingwood, carry along the road which runs to the end of the Farewell Spit.
Suits: Slalom, speed. Beginners....
W is best. N = cross offshore.
Flat. Best at low tide.
Your gear is reliable - next stop = Taranaki! Stingrays...
In Detail: This is the speed sailing location, N and NW winds give a 4km long speed course, launch at the motor camp (right on the beach). E and SE (when they happen) work too, and beginners can sail here as well. Westerlies are good too, but make sure there's a rescuer around (offshore!).


3 Whanganui Inlet

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The inlet picks up the SW to NW and is sailable 2.5 hours each side of high tide with excellent chop. Numerous beaches on the NE side heading down to Puturau. Don't get caught by the tide, and stay away from the mouth (7 knots current).

4 Putarau

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The Putarau River mouth, S to SW provide cross to cross-on to give conditions that are usually 1/2 to mast high, excellent jumping and riding. Putarau has the best waves on a big day with easy launching, although very low tides the beach break closes out.

5 Anatori

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12 km south of Putarau, the Anatori River mouth is better avoided at high tides but as the tide drops a lagoon appears which makes launching easier and gives an inside break for the cautious. Best on smaller days, tends to close out on bigger days (head north).

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