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Gear Hireage, Travel and Accommodation


There are several options for the windsurfing tourist depending on how long you will be staying and how much windsurfing you intend to do.

* 1-2 months or less? Hire here. Visit locations with hire schools. Costs range from $15 per hour / $40 per day / $200 per week depending on the hirer and the equipment.

* 2-3 months or more? You are probably best to bring your own equipment with you. Buying second hand gear in NZ is another option, but not as good as it is difficult to sell again, and may be unfamiliar to you.

You may decide to bring your own rigs and hire or buy boards here, either way it is a personal choice.


Travelling around New Zealand is always interesting as the landscape is continuously changing and very beautiful. There are very few large cities and most of the towns consist of a dairy, a gas station and a few houses. Again, your choice of transport will depend on how long you intend to stay:

* 1-2 months or less? You can either take bus tours from place to place or hire a campervan or car. Cost = from $50 per day for a car, and from $75 per day for a campervan. * 2-3 months or more? Buying a second hand campervan or station-wagon is probably the cheapest way to go. It would help if you had a knowledge of mechanics, but this way you can have your accommodation and transport all tied into one. Cost = $2,000 (for a 'goes' station- wagon ) - $10,000 or more for quite a decent campervan. Sell it when you leave at a second hand car yard/fair.

Getting Around - If you intend to hire or buy your means of transport, driving around New Zealand can be easy and enjoyable with the correct information and a decent vehicle. Cars are right hand drive and keep to the left on the road. Sticking to the main highways is the safest bet, as there are some very long windy gravel roads which look deceptively like short cuts. The Automobile Association of New Zealand (AA) is worth checking out as it provides the best selection of road maps and a break down services free to members. Gas Stations also carry road maps and information.

Crossing the Cook Strait between the North and South Island - Cost = from $28 per person and from $85/$110 per vehicle depending on length, per way.


There is a variety of accommodation according to your taste and situation. If you are willing to rough it a little, there is plenty of camping from $0 - $8 per person depending on what you find. For those who prefer to spend a little more on comfort, especially if it is colder, there are cabins from $10 each per night, to Hostels from $15 per night, to Bed & Breakfast Hotels from $35 per night, right up to the most expensive Hotels for $65 and more per night.

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