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The Far North

Much of the far north is unchartered by windsurfers, but there are many bays and harbours which offer good conditions for the adventurous. There are few towns, so care must be taken when exploring - make sure your vehicle and equipment are trust- worthy. On windless days, take a bus cruise along Ninety Mile Beach or to Cape Reinga, the northern- most tip of NZ.

Dial-a-forecast: * 0900 999 05 / 0900 499 01
Info Centre: Jaycee Park. South Rd, Kaitaia. 09 408 0879
Local Shop: Closest at Whangarei.


Wave sailing
10 minutes drive west of Kaitaia, a long sandy beach with no facilities.
Suits: Wavesailing. Experienced.
Wind: SW, NW = cross onshore, N is Ok.
Water: Rough, and very big in a southerley. Better in smaller waves.
Watch: Your gear and ability is suitable for the conditions
In Detail: ?


Chop jumpingSlalomRace boardLearner
80 minutes drive north of the Bay of Islands - at the northern end of Doubtless Bay.
Suits: Slalom, longboard. Beginners.......
Wind: Most directions are Ok. Easterly directions are onshore.
Water: Small - medium chop.
Watch: -
In Detail: ?


Wave sailing
3 km further south of Whatuwhiwhi, there is a camp ground and another lauching spot into Doubtless Bay. The beach is sandy, and there are several other access points down onto the beach (which you can drive onto at low tide) - just keep driving until you find side-onshore conditions.
Wind: N,NE,E,SE = onshore directions. N = best for wavesailing.
Water: Flat - 1.5 metres
Watch: -
In Detail: ?

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