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Mangawai Heads/Warkworth

Mangawhai Heads is a holiday and retirement town providing both harbour and ocean sailing conditions. The large sand-hills there are fun to 'play' on. Further down the coast is another small town, Warkworth, where you can either go wavesailing or cruise over to Kawau Island on your longboard. In a good NE seabreeze, it takes one hour each way

Dial-a-forecast: 0900 999 05 / 0900 499 03
Info Centre: Closest is in Auckland.
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SlalomRace boardLearnerRigging
Drive out to the launching ramp. parking and grass rigging areas. Harbour entrance sometimes closes in after storms.
Suits: Slalom in stronger onshore winds, longboarding. Beginners...
Wind: SW, NE. N = gusty.
Water: Flat.
Watch: Harbour gets busy on holidays.
In Detail: ?


Wave sailingChop jumpingSlalomRigging
Drive out to the surf club at the ocean beach. Toilets, parking, rig on grass by club. Carry gear across harbour entrance to the right.
Suits: Slalom, wavesailing. Intermediate.
Wind: SE,NW = cross-shore.
Water: Up to 2 metres.
Watch: Rocky point at harbour entrance. Bit of a rip out of harbour.
In Detail: ?


Wave sailingChop jumpingRigging
From Regional Park. Carry gear 100m through to beach. Good facilities at both beaches. Sail inside the bar at Omaha or out on the ocean beach. Sail out to the point break at Tawharanui.
Suits: Wavesailing. Intermediate.......
Wind: NE,E,SE.
Water: Waves can get very powerful with mean beach breaks. Inside the bar at Omaha, water is flat and tidal.
Watch: A few rips - sail with someone.
In Detail: ?

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