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August 13, 1997 1997 IBSA Raceboard Windsurfing World Championships,
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July 29, 1997 THE FUERTEVENTURA 1997 PWA SUPER GRAND SLAM, 'First Ever PWA Freeride Event'
July 26, 1997 June/July 97 NZWA Newsletter on-line, includes draft 97/98 calendar
July 21, 1997 First Kingsbury Windsurfing Simulator sold in UK
July 10, 1997 THE GRAN CANARIA 1997 PWA GRAND SLAM - Final results, Scott Fenton now 4th
July 08, 1997 New pictures on Aaron's pages
June 25, 1997 The PWA SUPER GRAND SLAM in Fuerteventura has its own website
June 22, 1997 New Zealand wind patterns explained, NZ Windsurfer article answers those questions you keep asking
June 17, 1997 PWA Cabarete Final results - THE MARLBORO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 1997 PWA WORLD CUP

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August 13, 1997
1997 IBSA Raceboard Windsurfing World Championships,
Aaron McIntosh reports on his victory at the IBSA World Raceboard Champs.
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August 12, 1997

Day 5 of the Silvaplana Blue Window 1997 Grand Prix, the final day of
competition. With very little wind on the previous four days of competition and
no official result sailors, race crew and organisers were relieved to see that
the Northerly weather system that had been affecting the wind at Silvaplana had
passed. The sky was clear with very few clouds and everyone present was
predicting the wind to fill in above the wind limit.

As early as 10:30, the wind had switched to the prevailing Southerly direction
and was beginning to build. At the 11:00 skipper's meet, race director Didier
Lafitte put the entire fleet on 15 minute standby whilst they waited for the
final few holes below 10 knots to fill-in.

The course remained the same as that set for the previous two days; a long
upwind leg for the length of the lake followed by two gybes on the downwind leg
before finishing between a transit from a buoy to the shore, by the start line.
The course works very well for spectators who can get very close to the action
and can see the entire course without the need for binoculars.

Shortly after 12:00 the red flag went up for Race 1#, heat 1 of a men's half
fleet upwind race. The half fleet race format is the most suitable elimination
for Silvaplana where the length of the starting line and room on the lake are
limited. Heat 1 got away to a good start, with only 1 sailor over early, I-456
Andrea Cucchi from Italy.

Almost the entire fleet chose to start on Starboard tack and head out to the
left hand side of the beat. G-16 Bernd Flessner, S-10 Anders Bringdal and H-24
Peter Volwater all got off to a great start and it was G-16 Bernd Flessner who
was first to round the upwind mark. Following Flessner were Bringdal and
Volwater, with KZ-1 Scott Fenton and KA-0 Steve Allen rapidly closing the gap.

By the second downwind, KZ-1 Scott Fenton and KA-0 Steve Allen had rolled over
Anders Bringdal and pushed Peter Volwater back into 4th position. With the wind
decreasing the entire time on the downwind leg, it was the lighter sailors who
were moving up through the pack.

At the finish, G-16 Bernd Flessner came in 1st ahead of KZ-1 Scott Fenton, KA-0
Steve Allen and H-24 Peter Volwater. I-286 Andrea Rosati, F-81 Patrice
Belbeoc'h, KA-6 Mark Pedersen and US-34 Micah Buzianis all finished in the top
10 and had qualified for the final when the wind dropped to 7 knots on the
course and the majority of the sailors dropped off the plane. With well over 50%
of the fleet remaining on the water, race director had no choice but to abandon
the heat.

The wind conditions remained erratic well into the early afternoon and at 14:30,
the event organisers 'The Blue Window' who are the Internet provider for Swiss
Telecom put up $10,000 prize money to hold an un-official fun race.

The fun race was run over the same course and with the same heat format as race
1#. F-192 Antoine Albeau on his short, super high volume 'indoor' style board
got off to a flying start in heat 1 ahead of KV-11 Finian Maynard and F-35
Robert Teriitehau. KV-11 Finian Maynard sailed straight in to a hole on the
upwind leg and was cruelly dropped from well up the fleet right the way to the
back. Suisse sailor Mario Ballabio SUI-8 had an excellent beat to move up
through the pack to second position behind F-192 Antoine Albeau at the upwind
mark. G-93 Andy Laufer rounded the upwind mark in 3rd ahead of F-35 Robert

At the first gybe it was F-192 Albeau still ahead of SUI-8 Mario Ballabio with
G-93 Andy Laufer in third. Around 50 metres from the finish, a hole in the wind
appeared at the finish and the lighter Swiss sailor was able to remain planing
for those vital few seconds to roll past Albeau into 1st. F-35 Robert Teriitehau
also passed Albeau just before the line to take second position. The majority of
the top seeded sailors expected to qualify all did so; Laufer, Bringdal, Pendle,
Diaz, Nik Baker, and Phil McGain all took a slot in the final. There were two
shock knock-out's. The first was the luckless Finian Maynard, who has actually
been leading the heat, the second was the normally consistent US-93 Matt
Pritchard who came in 1 spot behind US-933, his brother Kevin, the final

The second heat was won convincingly by KZ-1 Scott Fenton who led for the entire
race ahead of KA-0 Steve Allen and US-34 Micah Buzianis. Buzianis had actually
been second to the upwind mark, but was passed at the mark by Allen who came in
higher and with much more board speed. These finishing positions remained the
same, with E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck moving up from 6th at the upwind mark to 4th
position ahead of I-286 Andrea Cucchi and F-808 Eric Thieme.

The women's un-official race was affected by the fluctuating wind even more than
the men's previous two heats. The race was shorten from an intended two laps
immediately before the start as the wind dropped sharply and many of the women
were struggling to get onto the plane.

Z-14 Karin Jaggi mis-timed her start by a fraction of a second and was
disqualified for being over early, leaving H-444 Lucienne Ernst , I-25
Alessandra Sensini and POL-1 Dorota Staszewska at the head of the fleet on the
upwind leg. It was I-25 Alessandra Sensini around the upwind mark first ahead of
POl-1 Dorota Staszewska who had borrowed one of US-34 Micah Buzianis big sails.
H-444 Lucienne Ernst had to pump hard on the downwind leg to stay ahead of F-12
Nathalie LeLievre who was closing fast. At the finish it was I-25 Alessandra
Sensini who finished well clear of POL-1 Dorota Staszewska with H-444 Lucienne
Ernst, F-12 Nathalie LeLievre and local sailor Z-3 Sandra Gubelmann taking 5th

The men's final got under way in the fickle wind conditions that would randomly
becalm various areas of the course. As a result, the course was also shortened
from the intended two laps down to one. KA-0 Steve Allen, who sailed the
un-official race using Finian Maynard's huge 9.5m custom Gaastra Total Flow,
started well for a second time, moving ahead of F-192 Antoine Albeau and F-3
Fabian Pendle.

Steve Allen, with the advantage of clear air, just flew up the beat to round the
upwind mark well clear of Albeau with F-3 Fabian Pendle and US-34 Micah Buzianis
in 3rd and 4th around the mark. On the downwind leg, US-34 Micah Buzianis
dropped off the plane for a few seconds, just long enough to allow F-35 Robert
Teriitehau and S-10 Anders Bringdal through ahead of him. At the finish, it was
KA-0 Steve Allen who finished 1st ahead of F-192 Antoine Albeau and F-3 Fabian
Pendle. The results of the unofficial race were as follows:

1 KA-0 Steve Allen Gaastra, Starbaord
2 F-192 Antoine Albeau Neil Pryde, AHD
3 F-3 Fabian Pendle
4 S-10 Anders Bringdal Simmer Stlye, RRD
5 F-35 Robert Teriitehau Bic
6 VI-11 Jimmy Diaz North, Visual Speed
7 KZ-1 Scott Fenton Neil Pryde, ACE
8 US-34 Micah Buzianis North, Drops
9 F-808 Eric Thieme Neil Pryde, Drops
10 I-456 Andrea Cucchi AHD

1 I-25 Alessandra Sensini North, Drops
2 POL-1 Dorota Staszewska North, AHD
3 H-444 Lucienne Ernst Gaastra, Mistral
4 F-12 Nathalie LeLievre ART, Fanatic
5 Z-3 Sandra Gubelmann Neil Pryde

This is the first PWA race event in two years without a valid racing result. A
very unusual occurrence. Therefore, with no valid result here in Silvaplana, the
race and overall world rankings remain unchanged. However, this is only for 1
week as the next Grand Prix event on the PWA World Tour, the Paros 1997 PWA
Grand Prix, begins on the 12th August. We will have to wait until then to see if
E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck can hang onto his race discipline lead ahead of S-10
Anders Bringdal and US-34 Micah Buzianis.

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August 06, 1997
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July 29, 1997

'First Ever PWA Freeride Event'

Day 10, the final day of the Fuerteventura 1997 PWA Super Grand Slam saw action
from all three disciplines of race, wave and speed.

The day began with 10-18 knot winds kicking in at 10:30. Although the wind
remained above the downwind racing wind limit of 13 knots on average, there were
several holes in the wind down to 10 knots making conditions unsuitable for
downwind racing. Race 9#, an upwind race began at 11:00.

Race 9# was set as a 'sausage' course, similar to the previous two days,
although for the first time sailors were not restricted to passing through a
gate on the downwind legs. First to the upwind mark was US-34 Micah Buzianis
ahead of KA-7 Phil McGain with rookie Austrian sailor AUT-30 Markus Poltenstein
in 3rd. By the downwind mark, Poltenstein had dropped out of the leading pack
leaving Buzianis ahead of KA-7 Phil McGain with KA-6 Mark Pedersen moving up to
3rd. E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck (the event leader) was back in 6th spot behind KA-0
Steve Allen and US-933 Kevin Pritchard.

On the second upwind, the majority of the fleet chose to come inside for the
beat, staying well within a visible wind line on the water. US-933 Kevin
Pritchard had an excellent beat, moving up from fifth to second behind Micah and
ahead of Phil McGain at the second upwind mark. Bjorn Dunkerbeck moved up to 4th
ahead of KA-0 Steve Allen, KA-6 Mark Pedersen and S-39 Christoffer Rappe.

At the second and final downwind mark it was US-34 Micah Buzianis round first
and looking comfortable in first position ahead of E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck and
KA-7 Phil McGain. US-933 Kevin Pritchard would have easily been inside the top
three but broke down when both his boom and mast failed on the downwind leg.

On the final, short upwind leg to the finish line, positions shuffled around
once again with KA-7 Phil McGain passing US-34 Micah Buzianis to take 1st
position and S-39 Christoffer Rappe finishing in 3rd. E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck
dropped several places to finish in 5th position behind KA-6 Mark Pedersen.

Event Race Rankings
The finishing positions in race 9# were enough to secure E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck
the Fuerteventura 1997 Race title ahead of KA-7 Phil McGain. US-34 made an
incredible come-back after a disastrous start to the week with a 3rd position in

In the women's race ranking, a race 9# win by I-25 Alessandra Sensini was only
good enough to move her up 1 position to 5th. F-12 Nathalie LeLievre finished
4th in race 9# which was easily enough to secure her the race victory at
Fuerteventura ahead of Z-14 Karin Jaggi and G-54 Andrea Hoeppner who had a very
strong finish to the week with two wins and a third position in the course

The first ever PWA 'FREERIDE' contest.......
With race 9# finishing at 12:00 and high tide 'speed conditions' due at 17:30
hrs, the PWA and local organiser Rene Egli chose to run an unofficial wave
event. Conditions have been unsuitable for wave all week, with the normally
consistent winds 5 knots lighter on average than normal. The slight drop in wind
had a huge effect on the wind swell at the wave site and failed to provide
suitable wave conditions all week.

The un-official wave event was held for a prize purse of over $14,000 US and saw
the first tentative steps by the Professional Windsurfers Association towards a
new discipline which is going under the working title of 'Freeriding'.

The aim of a 'Freeride' event is to bring flat water, short board freestyle into
a new professional discipline. The official introduction of this new discipline
is due for 1998 as the PWA understand the importance of allowing the sailors
time to train and prepare for a new windsurfing format. The 'Freeride'
discipline is intended to bring flat water jumps, tricks and transitions to
inland waters and other densely populated areas that do not have full-on wave

The unofficial wave event was run in an 8 man format, judged simply on 'overall
impression' with sailors allowed 'carte blanche' to perform any manoeuvre and
trick in the 0.3m swell. Judges saw a mixture of wave riding, flat water loops,
tricks and transitions such as 'Willy skippers' and 'duck tacks'.

The event was won by N-44 Vidar Jensen with an incredible demonstration of
one-handed planing forwards, table-tops and spin loops in the relatively flat
water. E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck finished second ahead of US-1111 Robby Naish. The
conditions for this contest were absolutely perfect with 18-22 knot offshore
winds allowing sailors to perform their manoeuvres just a few metres from the

The women had a short expression session during the wave event which was won by
E-64 Daida Ruano Moreno from US-6 Kelly Moore with the second Moreno twin,
Iballa in third position.

Back to speed.....
After the unofficial wave contest, a fourth round of speed sailing was begun in
20 knot winds. The fourth round of speed was won by E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck with
36.30 knots from KV-11 Finian Maynard, the fastest sailor in the world this year
(39.95 knots at Leucate, France) with a speed of 35.60 knots. In third position
was F-192 Antoine Albeau with a speed of 35.25 knots.

G-680 Jutta Mueller won the women's 4th round of the speed event with 31.89
knots ahead of F-44 Valerie Ghibaudo 31.84 knots and H-444 Lucienne Ernst with
31.21 knots.

Fuerteventura is traditionally the home of the final event of the PWA World
Speed Tour and this year was no different. The 1997 men's speed world
championship was won this year by F-9 Christophe Prin- Guenon with F-192 Antoine
Albeau in second position and E-91 Eduardo Bellini in third.

In the women's contest, the Womens Speed World Champion is F-44 Valerie
Ghibaudo, with Z-14, Karin Jaggi the 1996 Women's Speed World Champion in second
position ahead of G-35 Melanie Bienemann.

'Winner takes all' prize
E 11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck, as overall ranked winner of the 3 disciplines, takes the
'Winner takes All' prize of 1,000,000 pesetas which was kindly put up by the

The overall rankings also get a shake-up after the Fuerteventura 1997 PWA Super
Grand Slam. The new race ranking are as follows:

1 E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck
2 S-10 Anders Bringdal
3 US-34 Micah Buzianis
4 US-93 Matt Pritchard
5 S-39 Cristoffer Rappe
6 KA-7 Phil McGain
7 KZ-1 Scott Fenton
8 F-192 Antoine Albeau
9 KA-0 Steve Allen
10 US-933 Kevin Pritchard

These racing rankings will stand for just 15 days as the next PWA race Grand
Prix begins in Silvaplana in just 10 days time. At present Bjorn Dunkerbeck has
a comfortable lead with two Grand Slam wins, however S-10 Anders Bringdal is
clinging to his second place by just 1 point from US-34 Micah Buzianis.

The wave rankings remain unchanged with:

1 US-1111 Robby Naish
2 KA-1111 Jason Polakow
3 E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck

so overall.....

1 E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck
2 S-10 Anders Bringdal
3 US-93 Matt Pritchard
4 KZ-1 Scott Fenton
5 US-933 Kevin Pritchard
6 US-34 Micah Buzianis
7 K-66 Nik Baker
8 KA-0 Steve Allen
9 F-35 Robert Teriitehau
10 G-307 Robby Seeger

Overall, Bjorn Dunkerbeck stays on top after another race win, ahead of S-10
Anders Bringdal and US-93 Matt Pritchard. S-10 Anders Bringdal is only holding
on to second position overall by winning a tie-break with Matt Pritchard who has
equal points but a lesser race ranking than Bringdal.

In Women's 1997 PWA Rankings......

1 F-12 Nathalie LeLievre
2 Z-14 Karin Jaggi
3 G-680 Jutta Mueller

1 G-680 Jutta Mueller
2 KA-191 Jane Seman
3 US-6 Kelly Moore

1 G-680 Jutta Mueller
2 Z-14 Karin Jaggi
3 F-12 Nathalie LeLievre

So even after dropping to 4th in the race event here in Fuerteventura, G-680
Jutta Mueller still holds onto the lead in both the Wave and Overall World
Rankings in 1997 and Z-14 Karin Jaggi has passed F-12 Nathalie LeLievre to move
into second position.

Karin Jaggi, will be feeling confident of a good race result at the next PWA
event at Silvaplana in her home country of Switzerland. She will certainly be
aiming to move into the lead in the Racing and Wave 1997 Rankings.

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July 26, 1997
June/July 97 NZWA Newsletter on-line, includes draft 97/98 calendar
The latest NZWA newsletter is on-line, includes draft calendar for 97/98 season and more

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July 21, 1997
First Kingsbury Windsurfing Simulator sold in UK
Ken Kingsbury is very excited. He's just sold his first KIWISI (KIingsbury WIndsurfing SImulator) into the UK.
Ken's simulators are well known in N.Z. and his latest model, in stainless steel, is a "Rolls Royce" model suited to the rigours of a busy school.
"Poole Harbour Boardsailing, an agressively ex[panding company who employ up to 3 instructors were feelng the need to replace their rusting relic when along came Ken with a gleaming new Mk IV KIWISI. It took an hours demonstration, giving 5 students their first lesson to convince them it was worth expanding their budget to acquire the new hi-tech tool"

Ken's also planning to get into the Australian market.
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July 10, 1997
THE GRAN CANARIA 1997 PWA GRAND SLAM - Final results, Scott Fenton now 4th

Day 7, the final day of the Gran Canaria 1997 PWA Grand Slam. The wind turned
ballistic for the first time this event, reaching a similar strength to last
year. 40 knot on shore conditions brought with it a wind-blown swell well over
head high.

As predicted, the swell did not build until the tide rose and was not a suitable
size until 12:00-13:00 which left too little time to begin any further wave
competition. Competition organisers Ulla and Eugen Dunkerbeck (Bjorn's parents)
elected to put up a $2000 prize for an expression session and this began at

The concept of the expression session was to have two 20 minute heats, each with
approximately 10 sailors, followed by a 20 minute final. To assist with the
judging of the expression session several new judges were recruited: US-1111
Robby Naish, KBA-8 Brian Talma, KA-6 Mark Pedersen, US-34 Micah Buzianis, to
name a few.

The judges briefing for the expression session simply stated that the most
radical manoeuvre performed would win. The men's prize was awarded to H-24 Peter
Volwater after he pulled off a killer double forward, the best of the day and
the entire contest in the final. The women's prize was awarded to E-63 Daida
Ruano Moreno after pulling off a huge planing forward loop.

The overall event results were calculated as follows:

The Gran Canaria 1997 PWA Grand Slam - Overall Results

1 E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck
2 US-93 Matt Pritchard
3 S-10 Anders Bringdal
4 G-16 Bernd Flessner
5 F-81 Patrice Belbeoc'h

1 F-12 Nathalie LeLievre
2 G-680 Jutta Mueller
3 F-44 Valerie Ghibaudo
4 Z-14 Karin Jaggi
5 Z-3 Sandra Gubelmann

Bjorn won the event overall with a 1st position in race and a 3rd in the waves,
followed by Matt Pritchard US-93 who finished 4th and 5th in Race and Waves
respectively. 3rd overall was S-10 Anders Bringdal.

The women's event overall result was won convincingly by Nathalie LeLievre with
a 2nd in Race and a win in the wave contest. Jutta Mueller took second place
overall in the event ahead of Valerie Ghibaudo with a superior wave result of
2nd, 7 places higher than that of Ghibaudo.

Gran Canaria is the first Grand Slam event of the year, so this was the first
opportunity to calculate the new Race, Wave and Overall rankings for 1997.

The race ranking is very similar to the race result here, with only a few
sailors counting the points from either Almannare, Aruba or the Dominican
Republic instead of the this race result.

Men's Race Ranking

1 E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck
2 S-10 Anders Bringdal
3 US-34 Micah Buzianis
4 US-93 Matt Pritchard
5 F-192 Antoine Albeau
6 KZ-1 Scott Fenton
7 S-39 Christoffer Rappe
8 KA-0 Steve Allen
9 G-16 Bernd Flessner
10 G-307 Robby Seeger

Women's Race Ranking

1 F-44 Valerie Ghibaudo
2 F-12 Nathalie LeLievre
3 G-680 Jutta Mueller
4 Z-3 Sandra Gubelmann
5 Z-14 Karin Jaggi

Men's Wave Ranking

1 US-1111 Robby Naish
2 KA-1111 Jason Polakow
3 E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck
4 USA-6 Josh Stone
5 N-44 Vidar Jensen

Women's Wave Ranking

1 G-680 Jutta Mueller
2 KA-191 Jane Seman
3 US-6 Kelly Moore
4 Z-14 Karin Jaggi
5 B-90 Sigrid Rondelez

Therefore, the men's overall ranking for 1997 is as follows:

Men's Overall Ranking

1 E-11 Bjorn Dunkerbeck
2 S-10 Anders Bringdal
3 US-93 Matt Pritchard
4 KZ-1 Scott Fenton
5 US-34 Micah Buzianis
6 US-933 Kevin Pritchard
7 G-307 Robby Seeger
8 KA-0 Steve Allen
9 F-35 Robert Teriitehau
10 G-16 Bernd Flessner

Women's Overall Ranking

1 G-680 Jutta Mueller
2 F-12 Nathalie LeLievre
3 Z-14 Karin Jaggi
4 Z-3 Sandra Gubelmann
5 F-44 Valerie Ghibaudo

So, after the 1st Grand Slam event of 1997 Bjorn Dnukerbeck is back on top and
leading the Overall PWA World Title competition. In second position and leading
the quest to topple Bjorn from the number 1 slot is S-10 Anders Bringdal, tied
in points with US-93 Matt Pritchard. In 4th position overall is KZ-1 Scott
Fenton ahead of US-34 Micah Buzianis in 5th.

In the women's overall rankings, G-680 Jutta Mueller is leading the World
Championship by a large margin having attended the Namotu - Fiji Wave Grand
Prix. F-12 Nathalie LeLievre, who chose not to attend the Fiji event is
currently 2nd ahead of Z-14 Karin Jaggi.

These World rankings will now stand for just 10 days until the next Canaries
event, the Fuerteventura 1997 PWA Super Grand Slam event which starts next week
on the 17th July.

The chase will be on to catch Bjorn Dunkerbeck in the World Rankings in
Fuerteventura and we can be assured of a close event with excellent slalom

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July 10, 1997

Kiel, Germany, July 3rd.'97 --
Kieler Woche had the biggest boards entry of the European Season. In fact,
it was an all time record for the regatta. Olympic Windsurfing is
definitely growing in popularity as is further evidenced by the average age
of the men's fleet (21) and the women's fleet (22).
Racers realise that to be competitive on the Mistral One Design is not
expensive compared to the large investment needed to achieve the same
competitiveness in 'Funboard' competitions. Hence the growth of IMCO world
wide; the growth in the size of fleets racing internationally; and the
strong demand for new & used One Design equipment.
This was the final qualifier for the Mistral European Championship so
please find attached the schedule of competitors who have qualified; the
schedule of competitors on the 'Wild Card' List; and the schedule of French
competitors who have qualified. Please note that a maximum of 14 men and 9
women from one nation may enter. If a country has qualified more than this
through the system, those additional places will be redistributed as 'Wild
Cards' as will that nation's 'Places by Right'.
National IMCOs are requested to advise the ExecOffice, now, who they have
selected to fill the places 'by right' that they have been allocated. The
last day for receipt of this information by the ExecOffice is July
20th.'97. Failure to meet this deadline may mean that you may also miss out
on 'wild card' places also.
Please also find attached the up to date list of competitors who have
qualified for the Mistral World Championship.
Full list of Competitors qualified for the Worlds (after Kiel)

1996 WORLD CHAMPION: Nikos Kaklamanakis

1997 South Americans: CV41/12 - Eduardo Velasco, Mariano Reutemann, Ricardo
Santos, Victor Martinez. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, Juan Pablo Benitez, Amir
Lebbenson, Marcio Fam Gondim.

Melbourne: CV 42 - Shayne Bright, Tak Sum Wong.

Auckland: CV 58 - Jean Paul Tobin, Bruce Kendall

Anzio: CV 155 - Ricardo Giordano, Przemyslaw Miarczynski, Julien Germain,
Stepane Jaouen.

Hyeres: CV 215 - Tony Philp, Miroslaw Malek, Julien Bontemps, Aaron

Spa: CV 238 - Amit Inbar, Joao Rodrigues, Marcos Galvan, Martijn Van

Kiel: CV 203 - Gal Fridman, Chris Sieber, Frederik Palm, Alexandre Guyader.


1996 WORLD CHAMPION: Maud Herbert (FRA)

1997 South Americans: CV 4 - Florencia Gigante, Florencia Cantarelli.

Melbourne: CV 34 - Natasha Sturges, Tania Newton

Auckland: CV 30 - Barbara Kendall, Julie Worth

Anzio: CV 77 - Synthia Gros, Jeanne Mailhos, Sandrine Nuvolone

Hyeres: CV151 - Alessandra Sensini, Faustine Merret, Marzena Okonska

Spa: CV 147 - Jorunn Horgen, Marzena Okonska, Anna Galecka

Kiel: CV 156 - Lise Vidal, Lanee Butler, Justine Gardahaut
Full list of Competitors qualified for the Europeans (after Kiel)

1996 European Champion: Joao Rodrigues

Anzio: CV 155 - Ricardo Giordano, Phillipe Ludovic, Paco Wirz, Olivier
Carteret, Cedric Diquero, Andrea Zinali, Tristan Magin, Alessandro Cereser,
Jan Herning Pedersen, Thibaut Lefebure.

Hyeres: CV 215 - Julien Bontemps, Nicholas Beudou, Matthieu Koops,
Patrik Pollak, Jorge Maciel, Stephane Jaouen, Bruce Kendall, Cedric Leroy,
Pascal Peeters, Tomasz Kudyma.

Spa: CV 238 - Amit Inbar, Martijn Van Geemen, Gal Fridman, Tony Philp,
Miroslaw Malek, Thierry Dussarps, Frederik Palm, Pascal Bugeaud, Frederic
Duthil, Dominic Tidey.

Kiel: CV 203 - Chris Sieber, Alexandre Guyader, Julien Germain Nicholas
Huguet, Olaf Davis, Albert Malfatti, Przemek Miarczynski, Morten Egeblad,
Laurent Cali


1996 European Champion: Agata Pokorowska

Anzio: CV 77 - Jeanne Mailhos, Sandrine Nuvolone, Anne Francois, Valeria
Zullo, Letizia Romanacci.

Hyeres: CV151 - Alessandra Sensini, Faustine Merret, Perrine Vangilve,
Marga Stalman, Marzena Okonska

Spa: CV 147 Jorunn Horgen, Dorota Staszewska, Kataryzna Prygiel, Gisele
Hure, Jane Clague.

Kiel: CV156 - Maud Herbert, Lise Vidal, Justine Gardahaut, Synthia Gros,
Anna Galecka.
(rest deleted)
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July 08, 1997
New pictures on Aaron's pages
Aaron's following up on his great reports from venues around the world with some more pictures
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June 25, 1997
The PWA SUPER GRAND SLAM in Fuerteventura has its own website
The PWA SUPER GRAND SLAM in Fuerteventura is the biggest windsurf event
of the season and has its own website:

We would be glad, if you could put a link to these official World Cup

Thanks and many greetings from Fuerteventura
Christian Tillmanns / Press office SGS Fuerteventura

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June 22, 1997
New Zealand wind patterns explained, NZ Windsurfer article answers those questions you keep asking
Catch the WIND - NZ Windsurfer, October 1995 Issue.
I've finally added the article I wanted to, it explains how the wind works around N.Z., when the windy seasons are and what to expect from around the country.
If you live here or are thinking of visiting this page is a must!

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June 17, 1997
PWA Cabarete Final results


Day 5, the final day of the Marlboro Dominican Republic 1997 PWA World
Cup here in Cabarete. With two races left to run, conditions looked
promising and at 12:00 the wind shifted to cross-shore. Unfortunately,
this wind didn't fill in and 1 hour later it shifted back to off-shore
and refused to settle. Race Director Karim Goujon kept the fleet on
stand-by until 16:30 at which point racing was finally abandoned for
the day.

Therefore, the competition status and results remain as they were
yesterday with 9 races completed; 5 rounds of course and 4 of slalom.
US-34 Micah Buzianis took the event win comprehensively, 8 race wins
and one 3rd position.

"We had excellent conditions here, its very different from Aruba, its a
bit choppier, the wind is more consistent. Maybe the field wasn't quite
as deep here as it was in Aruba but there were a lot of good guys here
and it was pretty tough. Even though I did win most of the races,
that's no reflection on the strength of the competition here".
US-34 Micah Buzianis

"Micah basically completely an utterly annihilated us all, humiliated
us and made us look pretty silly". KZ-1 Scott Fenton

Following Micah in the rankings, a very close battle for 2nd position
developed with KZ-1 Scott Fenton, VI-11 Jimmy Diaz, KV-11 Finian
Maynard and KC-1 Sam Ireland all within a few points and changing
position daily. It was KZ-1 Scott Fenton who finished on top and in 2nd
position, by a very narrow margin from VI-11 Jimmy Diaz.

All of the sailors here were really stoked with the conditions, the
constant tradewinds, the technically and physically challenging
conditions. Several of them were equally stoked with the laid back
lifestyle here in Cabarete, with racing beginning at 14:00 and then
sailing just 2 rounds until 17:00, those who like to party, found it
fitted right in with their lifestyle!

"Generally, I think its good set-up, its a good place for racing,
having 9 races it was a pretty good series. The conditions here are
very challenging as far as sea conditions go, the only place I can
really liken it too as far as sea conditions is Gran Canaria. It's very
choppy, especially when its windy it gets very choppy because the
current opposes the wind". Scott Fenton on Cabarete

"We had a really good week of racing here, we had good wind all week
and good conditions. Cabarete is an excellent place to race......I'm a
bit dissapointed with my performance, I didn't do all that well on the
final slalom day and I'm a little disappointed with that". VI-11 Jimmy

"The event was a great success, we had some good, hard racing here in
Cabarete.Micah was pretty much in a league of his own. The next three,
me Jimmy, Scott and Sam, we were all pretty close. The slalom was good,
especially the day we were on 6.0's. The course racing was very good,
completely open ocean with very challenging conditions. It was quite
windy here and the courses were really good. The people here are really
cool, we have a great time and the night-life is really good. I enjoy
this place a lot". KV-11 Finian Maynard

"Conditions here were really good, very choppy and a lot more difficult
(than Aruba), these are definately the choppiest conditions I've ever
raced in. I've never been to the Canaries but people say it's choppier
here, so that's good practise. The wind is really good, a good mix of
course race and slalom...... I'll definitely come back here next year,
it's been a lot of fun! " KC-1 Sam Ireland

So, Micah Buzianis has won every event so far this year, Almanarre,
Aruba and here at Cabarete. He has used the Caribbean leg of the PWA
World Tour to get his kit and his mind in-tune for competition, he will
definitely be the name that people are looking out for in the Canaries
and for the rest of the year.

"I've been working a lot on my slalom stuff, especially since I did so
poorly in Gran Canaria last year. I have worked a lot on my boards with
Alex (Ageura) and a lot on my small slalom sails. We have got all the
slalom sails working a lot better now and my boards are 100 times
better than they were in Gran Canaria last year. I'm going back to Maui
now and I've got two new boards waiting for me there that are better
than the boards that I've got. In the past, I've always done really
well in slalom, I had a bit of a dip for the last 12 months, over the
last year my equipment's improved immensely, I'm really looking forward
to getting there". Micah Buzianis on Gran Canaria

and on meeting Bjorn.......
"I definitely feel good about going up against him again. I'm really
glad I came down here and did these two events, they will help so much
going into the Canaries. It makes me feel a lot better than sitting at
home free sailing, not really knowing how fast your gear is. To come
here, to get this much competition experience and to get your kit
working is really, really good".

Thank you Cabarete for putting on a killer event, see you next
year...... yeah, man !

Check out the final results and photos of the event site etc. on the
Marlboro Dominican Republic 1997 PWA World Cup web site at:


pos sailor sail 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
tot disc pts ovrl pts
1 BUZIANIS, Micah US-34 0.7 0.7 3.0 0.7 0.7
0.7 0.7 8.6 3.7 4.9 0 1638
North,Drops,Nifty, Tectonics,Pro-Limit 0.7 0.7
2 FENTON, Scott KZ-1 2.0 29.0 2.0 3.0 3.0
4.0 2.0 50.0 33.0 17.0 0 1500
Neil Pryde,ACE, DSL 55 , Dirty Dogs 3.0 2.0
3 DIAZ, Jimmy VI-11 3.0 2.0 4.0 5.0 2.0 2.0
3.0 32.0 11.0 21.0 0 1402
North Sails, Visual Speed 5.0 6.0
4 MAYNARD, Finian KV-11 4.0 29.0 0.7 2.0 4.0
5.0 5.0 82.2 59.5 22.7 0 1316
Gaastra,ACE,Gulftech, SunValley,Sunfan,CNC 2.0 30.5
5 IRELAND, Sam KC-1 5.0 3.0 5.0 4.0 5.0 3.0
6.0 40.0 12.0 28.0 0 1238
Nifty,Fiberspar, Tectonics, Da Kine 6.0 3.0
6 MCKERCHER, Scott KA-181 10.0 5.0 7.0 6.0 6.0
7.0 9.0 58.0 19.0 39.0 0 1168
Naish,Starboard, Animal 4.0 4.0
7 MEHL, Sergio A-21 8.0 4.0 8.0 8.0 7.0 29.0
26.5 107.5 55.5 52.0 0 1106
Neil Pryde,Hard Wind, 8.0 9.0
8 IMPERATO, Alfred US-111 7.0 6.0 10.0 13.0 9.0
11.0 8.0 94.5 35.5 59.0 0 1055
, 22.5 8.0
9 GODET, Pierre F-53 6.0 9.0 11.0 7.0 12.0
6.0 10.0 101.5 40.5 61.0 0 1006
Spin Out,DocksDupont, Yellow Cabs, Aquaman 26.5 14.0
10 IANETTI, Paolo I-31 11.0 12.0 6.0 12.0 10.0 29.0
4.0 115.5 51.5 64.0 0 963
Docksteps, 9.0 22.5
11 BARZIZZO, Fisu A-52 9.0 7.0 18.5 9.0 8.0 9.0
14.0 108.0 41.0 67.0 0 926
Neil Pryde, AHD, 22.5 11.0
12 SCHURMANN, Wilhelm BRA-999 12.0 10.0 9.0 11.0 11.0 8.0
7.0 91.0 24.0 67.0 0 894
Milleto, 11.0 12.0
13 TAKAYOKI, Tsujii J-87 13.0 11.0 18.5 15.0 14.0 12.0
11.0 106.5 33.5 73.0 0 866
, 7.0 5.0
14 GARCIA MORALES, Carlos V-1 14.0 8.0 15.0 10.0 13.0 10.0
13.0 120.5 45.5 75.0 0 845
Neil Pryde, Solera Fondene 30.5 7.0
15 BELANGER, Leon DR-1 29.0 13.0 12.0 17.0 17.0 13.0
16.0 137.0 46.0 91.0 0 828
Seatrend, Da Kine, Rainbow Fins 10.0 10.0
16 TABOULET, Julien F-100 17.0 15.0 22.5 14.0 15.0 14.0
18.5 157.0 45.0 112.0 0 811
AHD, Rip Curl, LA Gear,Faconnable 18.5 22.5
17 SANO, Fumihiro J-69 16.0 14.0 13.0 18.0 29.0 21.0
18.5 163.0 50.0 113.0 0 795
Naish Sails,RRD,TSL, TCJ Travel,The Wave 18.5 15.0
18 SANTO, Jaime DR-7 29.0 29.0 22.5 19.0 20.0 16.0
12.0 173.5 58.0 115.5 0 778
, 13.0 13.0
19 VAN GEENHOVEN, Martin KC-25 18.0 29.0 14.0 16.0 16.0
15.0 18.5 179.5 55.5 124.0 0 761
Neil Pryde, 26.5 26.5
20 POZOLO, Renato BRA-302 15.0 17.0 26.5 21.0 21.0 19.0
22.5 182.5 53.0 129.5 0 745
Gaastra, 14.0 26.5
21 MARTINEZ, Braulio DR-111 29.0 16.0 18.5 29.0 22.0 17.0
22.5 192.5 58.0 134.5 0 728
No Works Team, 12.0 26.5
22 BORNHOFT, Simon K-88 29.0 29.0 22.5 20.0 19.0 18.0
22.5 199.5 58.0 141.5 0 711
Neil Pryde, ACE/RRD,, Gul 17.0 22.5
23 GUZMAN, Pablito DR-171 29.0 29.0 18.5 29.0 18.0 22.0
15.0 206.0 59.5 146.5 0 695
North Sails, AHD, Get Wet 15.0 30.5
24 GONZALEZ, Jerry DR-11 29.0 29.0 22.5 22.0 24.0 29.0
22.5 215.0 58.0 157.0 0 678
Sunshine,Disco Folys, 18.5 18.5
25 MARTINEZ, Alex DR-71 29.0 29.0 16.0 29.0 23.0 29.0
26.5 216.0 58.0 158.0 0 661
, 16.0 18.5
26 MEDINA, Mario DR-16 29.0 29.0 30.5 29.0 29.0 20.0
30.5 246.0 61.0 185.0 0 645
Neil Pryde, F2, 30.5 18.5
27 DE MARIA, Fabio BL-29 29.0 29.0 26.5 23.0 29.0 29.0
26.5 245.0 58.0 187.0 0 628
Neil Pryde, AHD, Hi-Winds Brazil 26.5 26.5
28 BOHME, Markus G-69 29.0 29.0 26.5 29.0 29.0 29.0
26.5 247.0 58.0 189.0 0 611
Neil Pryde, F2, Sunshine,BrunoBanana 26.5 22.5
29 GARCIA, Tony DR-17 29.0 29.0 26.5 29.0 29.0 29.0
18.5 251.0 61.0 190.0 0 595

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