This is a temporary home page for the Eastbourne FM project – a community streaming and broadcast FM radio station. This station will hopefully become a community run and supported service with relevant local content and information. It is intended to also serve as a channel for community support during emergencies using technology being developed under the Resilient Radio project.

Update 23 July 2020 – I have discontinued the Radiojar stream, a good online product but just costing money at present. I have subscribed to Positivity Radio ( ) which is a free community streaming service available across New Zealand – functionality is limited but this is expected to get better. I’m looking for any offers of help in creating content (and policy etc.) in this project.

Positively Eastbourne , you need to search, at present I can’t include a direct link.

, you need to search, at present I can’t include a direct link.

You can also try tuning to 107MHz FM (note the content may be different – the broadcast content is more automated at present, with weather, news etc.). This wireless broadcast will add more content such as weather, tides, news headlines – but is only operating occasionally and may not be able to be received widely yet.