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As an early adopter of the internet partly through my windsurfing connection I used the internet as a resource to inform and collect information. One contribution I could make was to support our international windsurfers by creating web content for them. Initially this involved receiving emails which I then reformatted into web pages and added them to their “pages”. Later as I progressed into programming and databases I created custom content management systems (CMS) so they could update their own stories. Some of this is lost, but some still exists…

Barbara Kendall & Shane Bright

Barbara 1992-1999 history and results

Diary of Barbara’s travels and results leading up to 2000 Olympics in Sydney


Aaron McIntosh – towards 2000

Aaron reported on his resultsĀ  and travels working towards the 2000 Olympics in Sydney


Wayne Warwick

Not surprisingly I got as many inquiries from surfers about New Zealand as I did from windsurfers. Naturally I decided to create a surfing guide, but not being a surfer I ran into a problem of where to source my information. I discovered that a book already existed – “A Guide to Surfriding in New Zealand” by Wayne Warwick. Naturally he didn’t want to me to just put all his information on line, but I offered to promote his book on my site, and he offered me a commission for doing so (but best of all I got a free copy). Sadly Wayne died while surfing in Bali in 1997.


Like the windsurfers, the commercial sector was not terribly up with the play, so I created a web pages for most shops and other businesses involved in the industry, as well as a banner ad system to promote them across the various pages on the site.

Energy Engineering Ltd. – Speedmate Surf

In the days before GPS this was the way to record your sessions and speed runs.

Watercooled Sports

Still going – I’m deeply indebted to Tony for looking after me year after year when I came down to Dunedin for Windsurfing NZ AGMs and subsequently also to race. The shop is still in the same place and going strong.


Alan McIntosh is also still doing a sterling job in Auckland (no web page now, just a redirect)