I have a number of projects underway, and much larger number queued – there are so many possibilities! I’ll list the projects here and try to keep at least a summary of how they are progressing, if nothing else it may help me procrastinate less and get more done.

Resilient Radio

This project is the development of an autonomous radio station designed for community use with many functions to aid emergency management. https://winzurf.co.nz/resilient-radio/

Eastbourne FM

This project is the spin-off from Resilient Radio in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in my local community. Essentially a community radio station streaming and broadcast. https://winzurf.co.nz/eastbourne-fm/

Ironically – the Resilient Radio has the scenario for a Pandemic included in the software but it’s just a placeholder scenario – I regarded it as a possibility in some areas of use but not here in New Zealand.